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Elizabeth Kidd


I have been using the services of backup4business for around 12 months and have been absolutely delighted with the programme, the process and the support.

During the 12 months I have replaced both my desk top and notebook computers and rather than having to back everything up on disc as I used to I can now do a download from the backup4 business site and within a very short time I am up and running.

I used to work for a large company where everything was backed up securely and I got to trust this system, backup4 business gives me the same sense of security. The only difference is that the backup4business support staff are much more helpful, accessible and better communicators than the IT department used to be in my old company!

One phone call gets me speaking to a real live person who knows what he is doing, calls back when he says he will and gets everything sorted. The support team have been exceptional in thier support as I am not at all IT savvy.

Backup4business is worth every penny for peace of mind.

Thank you for providing this excellent service

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