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For the emergency services, backup is critical.

And it’s no different for the relationship between you and your IT service partners, backup is a MUST.

For example, if your website gets hacked, it’s OK – if you have a backup.

You’ve been caught out by ransomware? No problem, you’ve got a copy of those files, safe and sound.

Deleted an important document? It’s cool, there’s another copy.

But what happens if you don’t backup your vital documents every day? Well, if they get lost, stolen, or corrupted… they’re gone.


What a disaster that would be for your business. Lost time and money, and lots and lots of stress.

So, if you don’t already have a backup of all of your data, why not? Perhaps it’s time you made some changes.

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What’s the worst that could happen?

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What’s the worst thing that you can imagine happening to your business’s premises? Burglary? A flood? A fire? A cyber attack?

Whilst statistically, the chances are low that something severe will happen, we cannot ever be certain. Natural disasters happen, accidents happen and unfortunately, crime – both on and offline – most definitely happens. If any of the above did happen to your business, the speed at which you can get back up and running will depend entirely on how well prepared you are in the first place.

The process of getting ‘back to business’ is called disaster recovery and in the IT industries this refers to your telephony, email, servers and all IT equipment such as computers and printers. In preparing for a disaster event, you can set a Recovery Time Objective (RTO) which sets out exactly how long you can afford to be offline, and helps you, with your IT support company, to put measures in place that will enable you to achieve this RTO should a disaster event happen.

Downtime costs money. It affects your productivity, your reputation and could land you in hot water with the Information Commissioner’s Office if you are found to have not taken sufficient steps to protect and retrieve sensitive data. Why take the risk? Getting a disaster recovery plan in place is straightforward and will give you peace of mind that in the event of a disaster, you are well equipped to recover.

Get in touch with us if you’d like to speak about your disaster recovery plan.

IT support blog

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How good is your IT support really?

The most common misconception about IT support is that for you to be getting efficient and good IT support, you should see your IT expert on a regular basis. However we believe that the opposite is true.

Here at Backup4business, we pride ourselves on delivering the best service possible, as a result of our proactive and constant remote work, our client’s don’t often see us unless it is absolutely necessary or you request to see us.

I know this may sound odd and as though we just don’t want to see you and, in a way, it’s true, but not for the reasons you may think. As IT professionals we see constant or scheduled onsite support as a weakness in IT support service and we avoid this at all costs.

Have you been delayed from working by simple errors causing disruptions? This could be your computer crashing, unable to access printers, files, or emails etc. Of course you have, we all know that technology isn’t infallible, however the approach that you and your IT support take to those problems is key to your efficiency as a business.

All IT based disruptions waste time, and as a business you are paying your staff to sit and wait for their devices to work, so the old adage of ‘Time is Money’ has never been more true.

So what are the approaches to IT that we don’t think work for the client? Well, the two main protagonists are ‘Support on Demand’ and scheduled IT support engineering time.

In both these instances staff save problems up or try to fix them themselves, and as result of both these approaches more time is wasted and potentially the problem is worsened.

The reason for saving the problems up until your next scheduled support visit, is the same as not admitting the problem exists or trying to solve it yourselves, the key driver is trying to save the cost of the onsite engineering time.

At Backup4Business, we believe that If you had good IT support, these small errors would be dealt with quickly and efficiently, often before you even know they exist, thereby increasing the productivity and efficiency of your staff and in turn your business.

Why waste time with bad IT when, in the long haul, it’s only going to hinder your businesses success instead of assisting in it.

Backup4business offer different levels of IT Support and we work with you to meet your needs, to find out more contact us at or ring us at 0114 223 8999.

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