Storing your data in the cloud: is it safe?

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Storing your data in the cloud: is it safe?

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It used to be very difficult to do work anywhere other than your office, you had to think ahead and email yourself documents or save them on a USB stick.

Now of course, we have the cloud and all the flexibility and opportunities that it offers. But, does it bring a whole new set of things to worry about? With your important and confidential business data floating around cyber space, should you be worrying about cyber criminals accessing it?

With different hacking scandals all over the news, it’s understandable to be a bit anxious about moving your data to the cloud. You might have already taken the plunge and now the headlines are making you wonder if it’s still the right thing.

Whether your data is still on your own server, or in the cloud, you don’t have to worry. Cloud computing is safe and secure when it’s managed properly. You can also set up a system that gives you the flexibility of the cloud, with the comfort of your own server.

Backup4Business is one of the UK’s most respected data backup providers. We were one of the first three companies to offer online backup in the UK and we’ve continued to innovate. We truly understand cloud computing and the risks and opportunities it offers.

Disasters can happen. Whether it’s an online attack or a physical event that affects your server – such as a flood – if you have the right backup systems in place, it is possible to recover quickly.

We provide data backup that is designed to help clients recover quickly and securely in the case of a disaster event. Speak to us today about your business back up needs: 0114 223 8999.

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