Through long-standing partnerships with VMWare and Microsoft, our certified engineers design, implement and support virtual server environments.

Using vSphere and Hyper-V, two leading Virtualisation platforms, we deliver advanced Disaster Recovery solutions for large corporations throughout the UK.

Our Virtualisation will provide your business with:

  • An off-site, virtual server solution.
  • A scalable answer to business growth. This includes the ability to adjust your server requirements over time – without being forced to replace a physical server.
  • The option to remove large, physical servers from your office.
  • The ability to run multiple servers on a single, physical server.
  • Failover of virtual machines between physical servers, with high availability.

vSphere and Hyper-V are fully compatible with our Disaster Recovery. This means our Virtualisation will provide you with fast, hardware-independent recovery from any disaster events.

Ultimately, Virtualisation is one of the most innovative ways to optimise your hardware resources. If you choose the service, you can minimise data loss and recover quickly from disaster events including:

  • Deadly Ransomware attacks
  • Floods and fires
  • Failure of hardware, human error and server crashes

To determine whether Virtualisation is right for your company, contact our consultants for an IT Continuity Health Check.

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