IT Continuity

IT Continuity

Backup4Business offers advanced System Imaging structured to provide fast and effective Disaster Recovery for your business.

When deciding upon the right Continuity solution, it’s vital to understand and define the right RTO (Recovery Time Objective) and RPO (Recovery Point Objective) for your business. RTO is how long you can go without the system in question, whilst RPO relates to how much data you can afford to lose. We will guide you towards defining these times and deciding on the right level of protection for your business.

Replicating entire server environments, our System Imaging backs up both physical and virtual machines. It has been designed so that we can respond quickly and work effectively with you in the unfortunate occurrence of any disaster event. Due to our experience providing Disaster Recovery, we are able to deliver:

  • Innovative on and off-site System Imaging to businesses and organisations of all sizes
  • RTO fulfilment within an hour
  • Flexible RPO  as required
  • Flexible retention scheduling
  • Hardware-independent recovery

In conjunction with our Disaster Recovery, we offer regular monitoring of your business in order to provide pre-emptive protection from disaster events. We’re also extensively experienced in helping organisations deal with malicious software like Ransomware, which can have devastating consequences for your company.

For most of the businesses and corporations we work with, basic File & Folder Backup simply isn’t enough. Companies need fast and comprehensive disaster protection and that’s what our Disaster Recovery provides.

Disaster Recovery

Backup4Business offers the most advanced Disaster Recovery systems in the UK. Delivering full System Imaging backups of virtual environments, server clusters & physical servers; we protect vast quantities of our client’s data from disaster events and malicious software. Find out more

Data Backup

Not designed for anything other than individuals and small start-ups, Data Backup offers entry-level encrypted backup. For most companies, more advanced System Imaging will be required for full protection. Our consultants will advise you which protection your company requires. Find out more


Virtualisation is a scalable solution to business growth. Through partnerships with Microsoft and VMWare, we design, build and support virtual server environments for our clients. Our Disaster Recovery systems are fully compatible with both VMware and Hyper-V hypervisors. Find out more

Key Benefits

  • Rapid RTO Fulfilment – Downtime for your business will lead to loss of reputation and damaged relationships. Our Disaster Recovery protection can provide rapid RTO fulfilment within as little as an hour.
  • Matched RPO – Every company has different Recovery Point Objectives. To meet all requirements, we can run backups as frequently as every 15 minutes. This is perfect for issues such as recovering key lost files.
  • Advanced Data Encryption – We encrypt all data at source with AES256 to provide the highest levels of security. Regarded as one of the strongest methods of encryption in existence, AES is used to protect top-secret agency, government and banking data.

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