Inadequate data protection could prove fatal for your business. To maximise the security of your data, it’s vital to have preventative Disaster Recovery measures in place.

At Backup4Business, our expert consultants work with businesses and organisations of all sizes, implementing advanced System Imaging to provide business continuity and disaster recovery.

We will explain the threats your business is facing and design a Disaster Recovery package that provides the protection you need. The following steps enable us to deliver the results each client needs:

Explaining the Threats

96% of UK businesses aren’t confident that they’re protected from Ransomware attacks. This is particularly worrying, given the irreparable damage they can cause. Whilst less likely, disaster events like fires and flooding are also deadly threats to your data.

Understanding Your Requirements

To make sure you have the protection you need, we can conduct a full business Disaster Recovery and Continuity health check. This will enable us to establish what your existing levels of protection are and judge how they can be advanced. We consider:

  • Data Requirements– How much data you own, your expected growth and your retention schedule will influence the service you need.
  • RPO (Recovery Point Objective)– It’s vital to consider how much data you can afford to lose if a disaster event strikes your business. We can restore your data and systems from 15 minutes prior to the occurrence of a disaster event.
  • RTO (Recovery Time Objective)– Within as little as an hour, we can provide an effective, short-term IT Continuity solution to minimise downtime for your company.

Providing the Solution

With knowledge of your DR needs, we will implement the protection you need. In most cases, this will be our full System Imaging, which replicates entire server environments and backs up both physical and virtual machines. As a matter of course when Imaging for clients, we provide this both an On-site and Off-site.

Key Benefits

  • Fast Recovery – With our Disaster Recovery, we meet fast RPO and RTO objectives to minimise data loss and offer rapid recovery from disaster events and Ransomware attacks.
  • Matched Protection – We will ensure that you have an advanced Disaster Recovery service in place that protects every aspect of yours and your clients’ data.
  • Managed Service – We monitor and regularly review your backup Images, working closely with you and your IT Support function.

Arrange Your Disaster Recovery Health Check

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