These are some of our frequently asked questions that we have answered for you below:

Why should I backup my data?

By backing up any and all data it will ensure that if any data were to be misplaced, deleted or encrypted there is a way to recover the data and have it accessible to the user within an hour.

Why should I image my server?

You should image your server so that you are safeguarded against a natural disaster and destruction of hardware. Imaging helps you achieve your recovery time objective by allowing you to swiftly bring your server back up and running.

Is my network secure?

Probably not, if you don't have an edge of network firewall then you are vulnerable and therefore susceptible to viruses and hackers. This is because they will take advantage of your weak security and access as much as they can.

If you would like for us to visit your site and review your security you can contact us by emailing hello@backup4business or call us at 0114 223 8999.

When it snows and we can't get into our office to answer calls from our clients, what can we do?

If you aren’t able to access your office because of circumstances such as snow then we can provide an alternate number so that whenever a client tried to ring you, it would automatically be diverted to the alternate number.

This would allow you to carry on work as usual but from a different location ,such as your home office. By allowing this, it means that no calls are dropped and the productivity will stay the same, meaning that all clients remain satisfied with their service.

Then as soon as you can access your office again the calls will automatically stop being diverted and you will  receive and make calls from your original office.

What is dedicated fibre?

It is dedicated asynchronous bandwidth, this can be tailored and scaled to suit your business needs and can be increased on request. The fibre is designed for businesses that need to split their bandwidth multiple ways and have very short breaks to fix SLA's.

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