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There’s a new IT security risk facing Sheffield’s business.


There’s a new IT security risk facing Sheffield’s business.


As more and more of us are signing up for new apps and storing data in the cloud.

Our data security expert, Phill McManus, has been reviewing recent research, which shows up to 55% of files stored in the cloud can contain malware.

This is malicious software, which only needs to be downloaded to one computer – and can then spread easily through a whole network.

cloud malware

The cloud

In this age there’s an online application to do almost anything you want. This is what the cloud is all about. But, are we paying enough attention to the security risks?

It only takes one infected file on one computer to put your whole business at risk. Because the cloud allows you to access all data from any device, this creates a whole new security challenge.

What’s more, Malicious software can spread very quickly and delete your data. Or worse, lock you out of your systems until you pay the hackers to get back in. This is a massive disruption to any business.

Recently, cloud security firm Bitglass scanned millions of cloud files. It discovered that one in three firms had malware in a cloud application they were using. Whilst most people seem to assume that the big cloud companies detect and delete malware, this isn’t always the case. The role of IT companies in preventing malware is getting harder, because many businesses now use multiple applications across numerous devices.


There are still plenty of things that can be done to protect your business and a security audit of your IT systems is usually a good place to start, to identify all potential risks.

Our Audit – Fix – Protect approach enables us to identify vulnerable areas of your business and implement systems that will shield you against cyber threats today, and as they continue to develop and become more sophisticated in the future.

To arrange an audit and protect your business against IT security risks, get in touch with us.

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