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What’s the worst that could happen?


What’s the worst thing that you can imagine happening to your business’s premises? Burglary? A flood? A fire? A cyber attack?

Whilst statistically, the chances are low that something severe will happen, we cannot ever be certain. Natural disasters happen, accidents happen and unfortunately, crime – both on and offline – most definitely happens. If any of the above did happen to your business, the speed at which you can get back up and running will depend entirely on how well prepared you are in the first place.

The process of getting ‘back to business’ is called disaster recovery and in the IT industries this refers to your telephony, email, servers and all IT equipment such as computers and printers. In preparing for a disaster event, you can set a Recovery Time Objective (RTO) which sets out exactly how long you can afford to be offline, and helps you, with your IT support company, to put measures in place that will enable you to achieve this RTO should a disaster event happen.

Downtime costs money. It affects your productivity, your reputation and could land you in hot water with the Information Commissioner’s Office if you are found to have not taken sufficient steps to protect and retrieve sensitive data. Why take the risk? Getting a disaster recovery plan in place is straightforward and will give you peace of mind that in the event of a disaster, you are well equipped to recover.

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