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Is BYOD safe for your business?


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) means that your staff can use their own mobiles and tablets for work, accessing emails, social media accounts and cloud-based networks. This offers lots of opportunities for flexible working, such as out of hours, at home or on the train.

The problem is, people using their own devices for work can put your business at a greater risk of cyber crime and accidental data loss. Most people nowadays will have lots of apps on their phones, some of which can access data stored on that device. What if they are accessing your company data?

If you allow your employees to use their own devices to access work emails, cloud services, social media accounts etc – or if you use your own device for the same reasons – it’s worth speaking to an IT security expert to identify any apps that may present risk. Not only this, you should ensure that you have robust backup systems in place so that in the event of any kind of cyber or data breach, your data can be recovered.

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