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For the vast majority of companies, basic file and folder backup simply isn’t enough to protect your data. You need a robust and comprehensive Disaster Recovery solution. At Backup4Business, we design and integrate powerful, hardware-independent System Imaging software within large companies throughout the UK. Regularly assisting businesses in all sectors with backup requirements, we can provide you with advanced System Imaging and fast Disaster Recovery fulfilment. Disaster Recovery System imaging Data Backup File & Folder Backup

How Can We Protect Your Company?

  • System Imaging & Disaster Recovery– Much more than basic backup, our system Imaging software provides Disaster Recovery protection designed to you’re your Recovery Objectives effectively. We encrypt your images with AES256 at source for optimum security.
  • Ransomware Protection– Now one of the greatest threats to your online security, Ransomware is the process by which criminals extort money in exchange for data they’ve locked with encryption. Currently, 96% of companies are not confident that they’re prepared for Ransomware attacks.
  • Fast Recovery Time Fulfilment– To ensure that downtime is minimised for your business, we offer fast and effective system restores. Our Disaster Recovery provides a short-term continuity solution, in as little as an hour if required.
  • Expert Consultancy– With decades of combined industry experience between our team, we continue to innovative within the industry. Re-sellers of our services throughout the UK are testament to our expertise.

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Backup4Business Will Protect Your Data As If It Were Our Own

Our priority is to protect the loss of your data and minimise downtime for your company.  We are vastly experienced protecting clients with multiple virtual and physical servers across sites in multiple locations. Downloads Why B4B More about BackUp4Business

What our customers think...

After suffering a data loss from our Exchange server, our centre manager had lost several e-mail folders containing important information that he needed.

When it came to restoring the e-mails,  our own backup tapes had failed that night and our IT support took ages to help  but it took one call to Backup4business who provided invaluable help and instructions on how to recover the files from the backup we held with them.

When I ran into a problem,  a call to Technical Support at Backup4business was all it took, they took a look at our server and within a couple of hours quickly and efficiently restored the user’s e-mails to a PST folder.

Having a second backup that is off site is a good idea because you never know when the first one will fail and having a company that provides that solution like Backup4business is good in my books.

Peter Kirkham
Parkway Business Centre Ltd

I have been using the services of backup4business for around 12 months and have been absolutely delighted with the programme, the process and the support.

During the 12 months I have replaced both my desk top and notebook computers and rather than having to back everything up on disc as I used to I can now do a download from the backup4 business site and within a very short time I am up and running.

I used to work for a large company where everything was backed up securely and I got to trust this system, backup4 business gives me the same sense of security. The only difference is that the backup4business support staff are much more helpful, accessible and better communicators than the IT department used to be in my old company!

One phone call gets me speaking to a real live person who knows what he is doing, calls back when he says he will and gets everything sorted. The support team have been exceptional in thier support as I am not at all IT savvy.

Backup4business is worth every penny for peace of mind.

Thank you for providing this excellent service

Elizabeth Kidd
Y Training solutions

We have been backing up with Backup 4 Business since 2007 and called Backup 4 Business for help earlier this year having deleted by mistake, a file that was critical to the running of our business and we needed help to recover it.
We would have been lost without the file and it would have caused us a great deal of work to re input the information, one call and as little as 20 minutes later we had fully recovered the file and were back to normal.

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