Backup4Business provides advanced Disaster Recovery and IT Continuity packages to businesses and organisations throughout the UK. We help companies protect their data and reputation during the unfortunate occurrence of a disaster event.

It’s imperative to be proactive in your approach to disaster events, to avoid potentially fatal damage to your company. With malicious Ransomware rife online, it’s never been more important to take preventative action.

Our hardware-independent, advanced System Imaging has been specifically designed to work with physical and virtual environments, from single servers through to multi-site – multi server configurations;

Telephony Continuity – including emergency relocation and DDI forwarding.

To ensure downtime and data loss is minimised for your business if a disaster event occurs, our consultants will work with you to ensure we meet your RPO (Recovery Point Objectives) and RTO (Recovery Time Objectives).

Book your full business Disaster Recovery and Continuity Health Check today to learn more on the threats you face and the preventative action you must take.


Key Benefits

  • Preventative Protection– We understand the threat posed by deadly Ransomware software. As well as putting layers of protection in place, we offer rollbacks as near to 15 minutes before the occurrence of a disaster event.
  • Fast Recovery– Prolonged downtime can be disastrous to companies. We provide rapid Recovery Time fulfilment that can return your business to operational capacity within an hour.
  • Innovative Protection– Our experts are committed to testing and implementing the latest technologies to ensure that we provide protection at the very forefront of the UK market.

IT Support

Find out more

Telephony Continuity

It’s vital to be prepared for a telephony outage. To ensure minimal damage to your business in the case of a disaster event, we offer services including emergency handset relocation and automated forwarding for primary numbers and DDI lines. Find out more

IT Continuity

Our advanced System Imaging provides fast, effective and hardware-independent Disaster Recovery, as well as flexible retention scheduling. We will minimise the damage caused to your business by a disaster event and help to protect your company. Find out more


Backup4Business provides consultancy to organisations responsible for well in excess of 50TB of data. We meet the RPO and RTO times that your company needs. We also explain the need to protect your company from deadly threats like Ransomware. Find out more

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