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As broadband internet access becomes more widespread, remote backup services are gaining in popularity. Backing up via the internet to a remote location can protect against some worst-case scenarios such as fires, floods, or earthquakes which would destroy any backups in the immediate vicinity along with everything else.

Remote Backup - Easy to Use - Secure

Are there any drawbacks for Remote Backup?
There are a number of perceived drawbacks to remote backup services. First, internet connections (particularly domestic broadband connections) are generally substantially slower than the speed of local data storage devices, which in the past has been a problem for people who generate or modify large amounts of data. Secondly, users need to trust a third party service provider with both privacy and integrity of backed up data. At backup4business we have overcome these with our technology and service pack. We have your information stored in more than one location and are available to undertake your initial offsite Remote Backup allowing for Broadband to be only utilised for Incremental backups. We are confident that we can undertake your Remote Backup regardless of data or business size.

The risk associated with putting control of personal or sensitive data in the hands of a third party can be managed by encrypting sensitive data so that its contents cannot be viewed without access to the secret key. At backup4business we have systems that provide full secure access to your data in line with your requirements. Our protocols are similar to online banking which has been proven in the UK for many years. Without doubt a Remote Backup system is safer and far more secure than any stand alone internal system of tapes CD's and other forms of traditional onsite backup technology.

The remote Backup service provided by backup4business provides users with a very simple and automated solution that far exceeds the expectations and of users of the old backup types, removing many of the common problems associated with them such as: Human Error, Corrupt Tapes, Failing USB drives, Theft and Fire.

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