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Why Consider an Online Data Storage System?
A well constructed data protection policy will not only help you to recover from a data loss caused by 'loss', theft or corruption but would also prove invaluable in the event of a natural disaster. No one expected the floods of 2007 in South Yorkshire, North East Derbyshire, Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire and certainly many people were caught out by the Birmingham Hurricane, however those with a data security policy in place were better able to recover from the data loss. Businesses with Online Data Storage included some of our customers who were back in business within hours.

Online Data Storage - Reliable - Affordable

The basics of Online Data Storage?
One of the simplest and most cost effective ways of achieving Online Storage Data is to backup your data to a provider of these services. At backup4business we offer a state of the art solution that can accommodate most users from the individual with a PC or laptop through to larger more complicated organisation with networked servers and storage space. Online Data Storage is a solution for all sizes of business.

The backup4business solution provides incremental, automated and encrypted backup behind the very user friendly and intuitive software. Try our Online Data Storage Systems using our free trial. Once organisations have performed an initial backup, all changes are automatically sent at the time allocated by the user, and stored with the full backup to allow restoration of the most recent and indeed previous versions of the target file.

By backing up incrementally, the bandwidth usage commonly associated with online backup is dramatically reduced, making this a solution that is appropriate and affordable to even the smallest of operations. Our Online Data Storage systems are ideal to support your business for piece of mind and in times of a crisis.

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