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Why Online Backups?
Companies wanting to know that their data is stored in a secondary location away from their primary source of data, are increasingly looking to providers like backup4business to ensure a copy of their data is stored in encrypted format in a secure data centre. Having said this close to 80% of organisations store their backup on the same site as their primary data, according to Computer Weekly.

Online Backups - Affordable - Efficient

Why Regular Online backups for your business?
When as a business owner, or the person responsible for data security and the ability of the organisation to recover in the event of a disaster, you consider that as a result of the Buncefield Oil Explosion in excess of 400 companies were displaced from their offices without access to their data, it makes a service like backup4business invaluable.

The storage of data is often performed locally and various different media are used such as hard drives, USB sticks (pens), Tapes, CDs etc. In its most simple form a computer will store data, typically on the hard drive which is most often located in the same place as the data is created. Our Incremental Backup system utilises The Internet and Broadband as an alternative to these traditional systems.

In summary although many people confuse data storage and backup with each other, many of the objectives of using either or both overlap and for business continuity purposes alone, backing up data offsite with an organisation like backup4business makes complete sense.

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