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As one of UK’s first providers of Online Backup to the SME business market, using some of the most reliable equipment and infrastructure based on Sun and Cisco hardware, backup4business is well placed to provide your business with a safe and secure hassle free, Online Backup solution. We also supply Online Backup services to larger organisations including the Public and Private Sector.

What is Online Backup?

Online backup is the process of taking a copy of primary data from its source and transferring this copy to an alternate secondary location, using the internet to connect the two sites. It is the use of the internet connection from which we derive the term ‘online’.

Once an online backup has been successfully completed, the users of the system will have not only their primary source of data normally residing on servers in their office, but they will also have a secondary copy of that data, residing on the servers of the online backup solution provider such as backup4business.

Not all providers of this solution use multiple backups of the data, however backup4business store the data in two secure data centres that geographically separate therefore clients of backup 4 business have 3 copies of their data; primary at their office, a secondary in data centre one and third copy in data centre two.

Why Use Online Backup?

Online backup is fast becoming the preference of IT managers and IT service solution providers due to the increased resilience that it affords to the users. Whether you are the person within your company responsible for ensuring that the business critical data is accessible, or you are an IT company relied upon by your clients to ensure that they are protected from data loss, online backup significantly improves the chance of survival for the end user in the event of a large data loss, in accessibility of the primary data source etc.

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