Incremental Backup

Why Consider an Incremental Backup System?
Incremental Backup data storage is a term that refers to the retention of information, normally digital information and typically involves various components including a computer, memory and storage media. An incremental backup is a backup method where multiple backups are kept (not just the last one). These backups will be incremental if each original piece of backed up information is stored only once, and then successive backups only contain the information that changed since a previous backup. The Internet lends itself to Incremental Backup which will occur to suit your business requirements.

Incremental Backup - Secure - Automated

The basics of Incremental Backup?
This provides the quickest means of backup, since it only makes copies of files that have not yet been backed up. For instance, following a full backup on Friday, Monday's tape will contain only those files changed since Friday. Tuesday's tape contains only those files changed since Monday, and so on.

The storage of data is often performed locally and various different media are used such as hard drives, USB sticks (pens), Tapes, CDs etc. In its most simple form a computer will store data, typically on the hard drive which is most often located in the same place as the data is created. Our Incremental Backup system utilises The Internet and Broadband as an alternative to these traditional systems.

The types of data that can be stored include files (documents and spreadsheets), databases, images, videos etc. At backup4business we provide users not only with the ability to backup their current data but also to store older versions, therefore offering the added advantage of version control within the backup which is an additional feature to Incremental Backup.

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