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Can we provide an Exchange Server Backup?
At backup4business we know how important your business data is to your continued operations. The heart of your system may consist of a Windows Exchange server. We can offer a solution which will provide piece of mind for your data in the event of data loss.

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What Types of Exchange Server can be Backed up?
A Microsoft Exchange Server 2000/2003 stores its data in Windows Active Directory as well as in its databases. To fully backup a Microsoft Exchange Server 2000/2003, you need to backup the following components:

  • Windows System State - The Windows System State contains the information about your Windows system, including Windows Active Directory.
  • A Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 / 2003 stores some of its configuration, e.g. email accounts and mailbox properties, inside Windows Active Directory. It is important that Windows Active Directory is backup properly when backing up a Microsoft Exchange Server. Active Directory is stored inside a Windows Server running as Windows domain controller.
  • If your Exchange Server is a domain controller, you can simply backup the Windows System State of your Exchange Server. If your Exchange Server is running as a member server, you will need to install another copy of backup4business OBM onto the domain controller to backup the Windows System State of inside the domain controller.
  • For more information on Active Directory, please refer to
  • Microsoft Information Store - Exchange Server stores all emails and documents inside its databases, which are grouped together as storage groups inside Microsoft Information Store. It is important that Microsoft Information Store is fully backup when backing your Exchange Server.
  • Microsoft Site Replication Service - Microsoft Site Replication Service is installed automatically when exchange server site replication feature is enabled. Microsoft Site Replication stores its runtime and configuration information inside its own database. If you are running your Exchange Server with Site Replication Service enabled, please make sure that you backup the site replication database as well.

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