Data Security

Why Use Data Security?
In the UK, the Data Protection Act is used to ensure that personal data is accessible to those whom it concerns, and provides redress to individuals if there are inaccuracies. This is particularly important to ensure individuals are treated fairly, for example for credit checking purposes. The Data Protection Act states that only individuals and companies with legitimate and lawful reasons can process personal information and cannot be shared.

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What is Data Security?
Data security is the means of ensuring that data is kept safe from corruption and that access to it is suitably controlled. Thus data security helps to ensure privacy. It also helps in protecting business data & data relating to individual privacy including customer information.

How does Online Backup Compare to Tape / Local Copy Backups?
Online backup for the small to medium business is a significant step forward when compared with older methods of backing up data such as tape backup or disk backup solutions that require significant staff time both in initial selection, ongoing maintenance and management. This is also an excellent method of providing Data Security to your business.

In its simplest form, data security is the term used to refer to the protection of any information or images from; theft, eavesdroppers, corruption, manipulation / distribution or loss. The term Data although most often used refer to electronic information can also be used to describe physical information such as printed documents and databases, and this is also an area of company security and compliance that should not be overlooked.

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