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Why Use Online Backup Software?
By using an online backup service such as that provided by backup4business, clients have a no fuss, secure and automated system that sends a copy of their data offsite (to a separate geographic location), and which they can access using a web browser and their login details, usually an email address and secure password. This therefore enables the client to access or download their data and continue working from a temporary or replacement office or on replacement servers where the data loss is due to hardware failure or theft for example.

Backup Software - Safe - Secure - Automated

How Secure is our Backup Software?
Online backup software using backup4business provides clients not only with the security that an offsite copy of their data affords, but with the confidence that the data that is copied and transferred to the backup4business servers, is encrypted and compressed on the client machine prior to it being sent over the internet.

Not only is the data encrypted and therefore unreadable without the password that acts as the encryption key, but as an additional security feature the connections used between the client machines and the servers in the backup4business data centre are SSL connections that prevent eavesdropping.

By using both encryption and SSL connectivity, the chances of unauthorised access to the data being transferred between clients and backup4business are dramatically reduced and the level of security is far higher than most users have protecting data on their primary site.

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