Automated Backup

Automated Backup for Business using the Internet & Broadband?
We provide an Automated Backup system which stores business information offsite. We offer a range of commercial packages which will suit your specific business requirements. The major benefit of our system is that once established it will operate as an Automated Backup.

Automated Backup - Low Cost- Easy to Use

How do I start an Automated Backup for my Business?
Users log into our web address and click on Trial Account, enter their details and follow the very simple instructions that guide them through software download, the creation of a backup set (including; selecting the target files, the time the backup is to run etc). It is estimated that any user of Microsoft Explorer or similar will be able to fully register and create a backup set in under 5 minutes.

Moving to Online Backup from your current provision is easy and you can follow our online tutorials listed above or contact us on our support phone number. Once installed you are away, data backing up automatically using best of breed hardware and software. In fact you can compare your existing backup system with our Automated Backup solution during your free 30 day trial.

Automated Backups of data can be stored on different mediums the most commonly used being; data tape, CDs, USB pens, detachable hard drives etc, although the use of secure online backup such as our range of services is starting to overtake other methods of backup due to the security, simplicity and cost effective nature it offers users, when compared with the inherent fallibility of tapes etc. Automated Backup using our Encryption Software, The Internet & Business Broadband is the way forward to secure your data.

Please browse our website for more information about Automated Backup and our comprehensive offering to suit your technology and your business requirements. Please contact us on 0844 555 35 35 for Sales Enquiries or 0845 124 04 23 for Technical Support to speak to us or e-mail us on

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