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"Every organisation knows that its life blood is the data it owns, the loss of that data could bring the organisation to an abrupt halt and recovery could prove costly and slow or worse, impossible."

Backup4Business offers you an automated solution

Quick and Simple to install

Download the software; select what you want to backup from the screen; select when you want to back up.

Secure Online Backup

Your data is encrypted before it leaves your system and remains encrypted until you restore it on your system, ONLY YOU can decrypt it. Your encrypted data is stored on 2 servers, in 2 state of the art maximum security data centres with a further 2 fall over servers sitting in our data centres.

Automatic Online Backup

Your backup will run automatically at the time you set and at the frequency you set (daily, weekly etc). Confirmation of your backup is automatically sent to you by email.

Comprehensive Online Backup

Backup workstations, laptops, business servers and applications including: built in MS Exchange, SQL, MySQL, Lotus Notes, Oracle Database, and system state backup.

Easy Restore Online Backup

You can restore from any web browser, anywhere in the world using your login, password and encryption key, giving you peace of mind for business continuity in the event of a disaster.

Multiple Account Online Backup

Permit backups from laptops, home users etc keeping the data separate and the control with the administrator. Separate and unique data storage with one billing account.

Multiple Data Sets Online Backup

Allowing quick access to past backups, with full retention scheduling.

CD Archive Copies Online Backup

CDs of your encrypted data can be created for future proofing.

Cost effective Online Backup

Starting at £7.50 per month with no other fees, whether you back up text documents only or a full system, your costs will be transparent and based purely on the quantity of data stored.

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